20th IWWF E&A Category Championships Milan - Int. 5 Star Event - Confederation Championships

General Information

Region: E&A
Country: Italy
Location: Milan
Competition-Type: Int. 5 Star Event - Confederation Championships
Start-date: 2018-08-12
End-date: 2018-08-19


Judge Panel

WakeskateRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3Scorer
U19 (Junior Men)9Maurizio Marassi Theo Mistaudy Levente Nagy
U19 (Junior Ladies)6Theo Mistaudy Maurizio Marassi Elie Messeri

WakeboardRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3Scorer
U15 (Boys)39Ryan Peacock Sebastiaan Huizinga Levente Nagy
U15 (Girls)13Mia Knechtova Manuel Dolzer Elie Messeri
U19 (Junior Men)39Sebastiaan Huizinga Carlo Orlando Theo Mistaudy
U19 (Junior Ladies)12Jeremy Nadal Marko Gacic Pierpaolo Iodice
+30 (Masters Men)22Sebastiaan Huizinga Pierpaolo Iodice Levente Nagy
+30 (Masters Ladies)8Elie Messeri Mia Knechtova Maurizio Marassi
+40 (Veteran Men)16Carlo Orlando Mia Knechtova Elie Messeri


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