IWWF ONLINE SERIES COMP 2 - Invert heelside raley family and kicker spin - Int. Event

General Information

Region: AO
Country: IWWF
Location: Online
Homepage: www.facebook.com/events/351916416174652/?active_tab=discussion
Competition-Type: Int. Event
Start-date: 2020-09-20
End-date: 2020-09-20

Results Wakeboard

Class Pos Score Name Born In Nationality
U19 (Junior Ladies) 62.00  Smith-Lang, Eve 2005  Great Britain 
U19 (Junior Ladies) 60.00  Syrova, Anastasia 2010  Russia 
U19 (Junior Ladies) 40.00  Klingenbrunn, Alessia 2007  Germany 
Open Men 90.00  Trinidad, Raphael 2001  Philippines 
Open Men 81.00  Sørlie, Jonas 2001  Norway 
Open Men 80.00  Saunders, Kieran 2003  Great Britain 
Open Men 73.00  Gacic, Marko 1998  Croatia 
Open Men 71.00  Ower, Bork 2001  Norway 
Open Ladies 85.00  Rick, Julia 1993  Germany 
Open Ladies 65.00  Weinhauer, Vanessa 1998  Germany 
Open Ladies 63.00  Sosulina, Victoria 1985  Russia 
+30 (Masters Men) 78.00  Crossley, Dale 1983  Great Britain 
+30 (Masters Men) 58.00  Broadway, David 1978  Great Britain 
+30 (Masters Men) 50.00  Santos, Fabricio 1975  Brasil 
+30 (Masters Men) 42.00  Onco, Martin 1988  Slovak Republic 
+30 (Masters Men) 40.00  Mosley, Pete 1988  Great Britain 
+30 (Masters Ladies) 72.00  Hay, Charlie 1985  Great Britain 
+30 (Masters Ladies) 70.00  Fraunschiel, Melanie 1985  Austria 
+30 (Masters Ladies) 59.00  Goncea, Ioana 1985  Romania 

Results Wakeskate

Class Pos Score Name Born In Nationality

Results Wakeboard - Seated

Class Pos Score Name Born In Nationality

Additional Information

Online competition rules. All riders need to join the individual competitions on cablewakeboard.net The videos need to contain the full name of the riders, your nickname is not enough, we need to know who you are and be able to match to your Cablewakeboard.net entry. All Riders need to wear life jackets and helmets. Riders can only use a video once the same video cannot be used for multiple competitions. No editing of videos with slow motion on the grabs and so on, a rider can upload the video with 2 parts one not edited and the second edited to point attention on grabs or 2 different camera views. The video need to be of good quality, if not rider will be judged on what can be seen in the video and not what he performed in reality. The video need to be uploaded in the correct category, if a boy will upload a video in open men he will be judged and he will receive ranking point in open men, if an open rider uploads a video in boys he will not be judged etc If there are less than 3 riders in one category it will be combined with another category as in the rule book for international competitions. If a rider uploads a different trick to the one requested, that trick will not be judged.

Competition Documents

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