Youth and Senior Cable Wakeboard World Championships - Int. 6 Star Event - World Championships

General Information

Region: PanAm
Country: Argentina
Competition-Type: Int. 6 Star Event - World Championships
Start-date: 2019-02-14
End-date: 2019-02-23


Judge Panel

WakeboardRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3
Open Men47Jeronimo Perez Priego Garza Basti Baldia Jeremy Nadal
Open Ladies24Pei-Shan Teng Philipp Kunte Theo Mistaudy

WakeskateRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3
Open Men14Carlo Orlando Theo Mistaudy Basti Baldia
Open Ladies8Jeremy Nadal Jeronimo Perez Priego Garza Stefan Lebwohl

Wakeboard - SeatedRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3
Open Men5Sebastiaan Huizinga Basti Baldia Pei-Shan Teng

WakeboardRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3
U15 (Boys)19Philipp Kunte Liam Peacock Theo Mistaudy
U15 (Girls)9Mia Knechtova Marko Gacic Pierpaolo Iodice
U19 (Junior Men)30Stefan Lebwohl Sebastiaan Huizinga Liam Peacock
U19 (Junior Ladies)9Philipp Kunte Mia Knechtova Pierpaolo Iodice
+30 (Masters Men)12Basti Baldia Liam Peacock Carlo Orlando
+30 (Masters Ladies)6Marko Gacic Mia Knechtova Vayumhasuvan Burachai
+40 (Veteran Men)10Jeronimo Perez Priego Garza Mia Knechtova Courtney Angus
+40 (Veteran Ladies)5Pierpaolo Iodice Courtney Angus Vayumhasuvan Burachai

WakeskateRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3
U19 (Junior Men)6Theo Mistaudy Basti Baldia Carlo Orlando
U19 (Junior Ladies)6Mia Knechtova Sebastiaan Huizinga Courtney Angus


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