Online Series - Comp 4 - INT 2 STAR - Invert HS Front Roll family and Any Kicker Invert - Int. Event

General Information

Region: E&A
Country: IWWF
Location: Online
Competition-Type: Int. Event
Start-date: 2020-10-18
End-date: 2020-10-18

Results Wakeboard

Class Pos Score Name Born In Nationality
U15 (Boys) 83.00  Lojek, Patryk 2007  Poland 
U15 (Boys) 75.33  Harms, Lasse 2005  Germany 
U15 (Boys) 54.67  Hartmann , Valentin 2007  Germany 
U15 (Boys) 49.67  Bull, Cavan 2007  Great Britain 
U15 (Girls) 71.33  Winn, Orla 2006  Great Britain 
U15 (Girls) 61.00  morgan, Leah 2005  Great Britain 
U15 (Girls) 34.67  Klingenbrunn, Alessia 2007  Germany 
U15 (Girls) 30.33  Jackson, Anya 2006  Great Britain 
Open Men 86.33  Sofer, Lior 1985  Israel 
Open Men 80.33  Trinidad, Raphael 2001  Philippines 
Open Men 78.67  Owens, Kieran 2002  Great Britain 
Open Men 76.67  Volokhov, Nikolai 2001  Russia 
Open Men 66.33  van Suchtelen van de Haare, Jasper 2000  Netherlands 
Open Men 63.00  Gacic, Marko 1998  Croatia 
Open Men 52.67  Saunders, Kieran 2003  Great Britain 
Open Ladies 85.00  Rick, Julia 1993  Germany 
Open Ladies 77.00  Volgina, Maria 2002  Russia 
Open Ladies 52.33  Sosulina, Victoria 1985  Russia 
Open Ladies 50.33  Weinhauer, Vanessa 1998  Germany 
Open Ladies 43.33  Buchholz , Marina 2000  Germany 
Open Ladies 40.00  Kraus , Kristin 1997  Germany 
+30 (Masters Men) 81.33  Nottingham, Germano 1983  Brasil 
+30 (Masters Men) 78.00  Makarenkov, Roman 1989  Ukraine 
+30 (Masters Men) 50.00  Milenin, Mikhail 1987  Russia 
+30 (Masters Men) 40.00  Mosley, Pete 1988  Great Britain 
+30 (Masters Men) 30.33  Wiener, Jaroslav 1986  Slovak Republic 
+30 (Masters Men) 24.67  Cseke, Csaba 1985  Hungary 
+30 (Masters Men) 22.00  Pinder, Mikey 1984  Great Britain 
+30 (Masters Ladies) 50.33  Fraunschiel, Melanie 1985  Austria 
+30 (Masters Ladies) 46.00  Hay, Charlie 1985  Great Britain 
+30 (Masters Ladies) 40.00  Goncea, Ioana 1985  Romania 
+40 (Veteran Men) 71.67  Santos, Fabricio 1975  Brasil 
+40 (Veteran Men) 50.33  Broadway, David 1978  Great Britain 
+40 (Veteran Men) 49.00  Fociani, Rolando 1974  Italy 
+40 (Veteran Men) 44.67  Wooding, Joe 1978  Great Britain 
+40 (Veteran Men) 40.00  Bolton, Paddy 1975  Great Britain 
+40 (Veteran Men) 31.00  Collinson, James 1971  Great Britain 

Additional Information

IWWF INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SERIES OF COMPETITIONS - WAKEBOARD COMP No4 Competition Format Due to covid19 and the fact that many countries still have significant restrictions in place regarding travel and leisure activities, we are running a series of small events to encourage riders back onto the water at local parks. All local Covid19 restrictions must be adhered to. We have removed any restriction to the type of cable you can film your entry on, to make the competition accessible to as many riders as possible. How do you enter: 1. Enter the relevant competition on Cable Wakeboard. Please ensure you enter the correct category. Competition Pages: Wakeboard: Wakeskate: Seated: Double check your entry is there, if you can�t see yourself in the competition, please contact us, and we will help you register. You enter on by signing in, clicking on the 'My Competitions' tab on the top of the page, then select the correct competition and click "Join Competition" 2. Film your entry � making sure your run is in-line with the competition requirements. If you send in an awesome trick, that�s not in the requirement list, it will unfortunately not be judged. 3. Check your video quality, make sure we can see your approach, execution, and landing (we need to see you ride it away) 4. Upload your video to the relevant category on Facebook: Click here to go to the IWWF Cablewakeboard Facebook Page Please note, comments will be turned off on the posts once the competition has closed for Entries 5. Wait for the results the Virtual Podium! GOOD LUCK and we are really looking forward seeing all your videos Thank you for supporting IWWF Cable Wakeboard. Online competition rules. 1. All riders need to join the individual competitions on 2. The videos need to contain the full name of the riders, your nickname is not enough, we need to know who you are and be able to match to your entry. 3. All Riders need to wear life jackets and helmets. 4. Riders can only use a video once the same video cannot be used for multiple competitions. 5. No editing of videos with slow motion on the grabs and so on, a rider can upload the video with 2 parts one not edited and the second edited to point attention on grabs or 2 different camera views. 6. The video need to be of good quality, if not rider will be judged on what can be seen in the video and not what he performed in reality. 7. The video need to be uploaded in the correct category, if a boy uploads a video in open men he will be judged and he will receive ranking point in open men, if an open rider uploads a video in boys he will not be judged etc 8. You should ensure both tricks are included in the video uploaded. The tricks can be completed in separate runs at diff cables if you want to, but please cut tricks to upload as one video. 9. If there are less than 3 riders in one category it will be combined with another category as in the rule book for international competitions. (with the exception of the Open Category) 10. If a rider uploads a different trick to the one requested, that trick will not be judged. 11. If a rider does not have access to Facebook, then they should send us a direct link to their video via Vimeo, and the Cable Wakeboard Council will upload the entry to Facebook.

Competition Documents

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