IWWF Cable Wakeboard OPEN EUROPEAN Championships - Int. 5 Star Event - Confederation Championships

General Information

Region: E&A
Country: France
Location: Le Kable (Choisy-le-Roi)
Homepage: www.ffsnw.fr/actualites/eurowakeboard-cable-2023/
Competition-Type: Int. 5 Star Event - Confederation Championships
Start-date: 2023-09-21
End-date: 2023-09-23


Judge Panel

Wakeboard - SeatedRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3Scorer
Open Men11Emanuele Pagnini Marek Lojek Sebastiaan Huizinga
Open Ladies4Emanuele Pagnini Arkadiusz Helsner Mihovil Brebric

WakeskateRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3Scorer
Open Men16Jeremy Nadal Basti Baldia Arkadiusz Helsner
Open Ladies9Sebastiaan Huizinga Basti Baldia Arkadiusz Helsner

WakeboardRidersHead JudgeJudge 2Judge 3Scorer
Open Men37Basti Baldia Jeremy Nadal Sebastiaan Huizinga
Open Ladies14Jeremy Nadal Marek Lojek Mihovil Brebric


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