2017-08-12 - Non Ranked Competition
U11 and U15 ONLY INTL 3 STAR Mini Wakelake Golden Trophy , Bratislava

There are 31 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
Dominik Andrzejczak E&A Poland 2007
Teo Bordean E&A Slovak Republic 2007
Adam Lejsek E&A Czech Republic 2006
Patryk Lojek E&A Poland 2007
Tadeas Nedielka E&A Slovak Republic 2006
Valentina Bugalova E&A Czech Republic 2006
Zuzana Hudeckova E&A Czech Republic 2008
Alena Kadlickova E&A Czech Republic 2007
Jagoda Kaminska E&A Poland 2006
Vilma Nedielkova E&A Slovak Republic 2010
Jan Gazi E&A Czech Republic 2002
Krystof, / "/" Huta E&A Czech Republic 2003
Jakub Kado E&A Poland 2005
Matej Krajci E&A Slovak Republic 2004
Robert Mruskovic E&A Slovak Republic 2005
Alan Novák E&A Czech Republic 2003
Peter, David "Peti" Popelka E&A Hungary 2004
Dejvid Skrusny E&A Czech Republic 2005
Daniel Surina E&A Slovak Republic 2002
Kristian, Kiko Svorc E&A Slovak Republic 2004
Aaron , lolo "lolo" Tabak E&A Slovak Republic 2002
Filip Vraj E&A Czech Republic 2004
Emma "Emma" Hackova E&A Slovak Republic 2005
Agnieszka Kado E&A Poland 2005
Julia Lupij E&A Poland 2005
Liliana "Lili" Popelka E&A Hungary 2003
Maja Smietana E&A Poland 2003
Monika, - "Monca" Havrankova E&A Czech Republic 2002
radovan "hovado" dubovy E&A Slovak Republic 1979
Andreas, Friedrich Musill E&A Austria 1978

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.