NAT 2 STAR The Spin Cup Minis - Nat. 2 Star Event

General Information

Region: E&A
Country: Belgium
Location: The Spin
Competition-Type: Nat. 2 Star Event
Start-date: 2023-10-21
End-date: 2023-10-22

Results Wakeboard

Class Pos Score Name Born In Nationality
U11 (Mini Boys) 75.33  Dufour , Marius 2012  Belgium 
U11 (Mini Boys) 69.33  Charly Bourgois, Charly 2012  Belgium 
U11 (Mini Boys) 45.67  Delefortrie, Charlie 2014  Belgium 
U11 (Mini Boys) 37.33  Van Ussel, Nicolas 2012  Belgium 

Competition Documents

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