Red Bull Features Only - Int. 1 Star Event

General Information

Region: PanAm
Country: Argentina
Location: Molino Wakepark
Competition-Type: Int. 1 Star Event
Start-date: 2023-03-24
End-date: 2023-03-26

Entered riders Wakeskate - Features Only

Additional Information

Competition Fee Ar$5000 FADEW 1 competition Ar$2500. Annual Ar$6000 Categories Boys, Girls, Veterans, Masters, Juniors & Open Wakeboard y Wakeskate: MUST join competition at Category Open Men Intermedia: (Limited to spins on kicker up to frontside 540 or backside 360, basic inverts or basic inverts plus frontside 180) MUST join by mail Registration ends on: Thursday, March 23rd. 20hs.

Competition Documents

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