IWWF Mini CABLE TIES - Under 11 - Nat. 2 Star Event

General Information

Region: E&A
Country: Great Britain
Location: Just Wake, Castle Lake, Tatershall Lakes Country Park
Competition-Type: Nat. 2 Star Event
Start-date: 2018-09-22
End-date: 2018-09-23

Results Wakeboard

Class Pos Score Name Born In Nationality
U11 (Mini Boys) 68.33  Bull, Cavan 2007  Great Britain 
U11 (Mini Boys) 64.67  WILSON, JAMIE 2009  Great Britain 
U11 (Mini Boys) 55.67  Kirkland, Harry 2007  Great Britain 
U11 (Mini Boys) 44.67  Woolgrove, Oliver 2011  Great Britain 
U11 (Mini Boys) 38.67  Hooper, Blake 2010  Great Britain 
U11 (Mini Girls) 70.00  WILSON, ZOE 2007  Great Britain 

Additional Information

Under 11's Competition. Runs on the Beginner Cable. Fun Comp for the younger riders

Competition Documents

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