2011-12-30 - Int. 4 Star Event - CWWC Tour
SYLVESTER at HIP-NOTICS, Hip-Notics, Antalya,

There are 19 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
André "Botta" Botta E&A Germany 1995
Sam de Haan E&A Netherlands 1996
Marc "RedMax" Hiedl E&A Austria 1996
Timo "timmstaaa" Kapl E&A Austria 1997
Christopher Klein E&A Germany 1996
Andy Neumann E&A Germany 1994
Janick "Janick" Otto E&A Germany 1993
Felix Schneider E&A Germany 1993
Miles "Milow" Töller E&A Germany 1994
Leo Vogel E&A Germany 1997
Mike "Mad Mike" Hilgers E&A Germany 1986
Rene "EnE" Konrad E&A Germany 1990
Stefan Lebwohl E&A Austria 1986
Tom Richter E&A Germany 1990
Frithjof "Frido" Schultz E&A Germany 1990
Almaz "smilecooloff" Smaiylkulov E&A Kyrgyzstan 1990
Denise de Haan E&A Netherlands 1986
Ginger "Gini" Hilgers E&A Germany 1990
Sophia "Sophy" Reimers E&A Germany 1992

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.