2010-09-16 - Int. 5 Star Event - Confederation Championships
IWWF EA WAKEBOARD Championships 2010, Izmit

There are 59 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
Freddie "Frontedge Freddie" Carter E&A Great Britain 1995
Sam de Haan E&A Netherlands 1996
Abdullah Doguer E&A Turkey 1996
Cain "dug" Hamilton E&A Great Britain 1995
Niko "NIK.O" Kasper E&A Germany 1995
Philipp Koch E&A Germany 1999
Laura Christian E&A Great Britain 1997
Chloe "Clo" Goudie E&A Great Britain 1995
Sanne "Sannie" Meijer E&A Netherlands 1997
Declan "Decx" Clifford E&A Great Britain 1992
Marco De Ceglia E&A Germany 1992
Emilio Epstein E&A Austria 1991
Nick Hunting E&A Netherlands 1991
Lovro Klepac E&A Croatia 1900
Philipp "Flippo" Kunte E&A Germany 1993
Felix Langemann E&A Germany 1994
Nick Lewis E&A Germany 1992
Alex Newman E&A Great Britain 1992
Michael Nieuwerf E&A Netherlands 1992
Moritz "Mo" Petri E&A Germany 1991
Felix Schneider E&A Germany 1993
Philip "Phill" Thiele E&A Germany 1991
Miles "Milow" Töller E&A Germany 1994
Yves "THE BOSS" van der Hoff E&A Netherlands 1994
Joëlle "Joelie" Feenstra E&A Netherlands 1993
Sophia "Sophy" Reimers E&A Germany 1992
Nick "Nicky D" Davies E&A Great Britain 1989
Daniel "Fetzy" Fetz E&A Austria 1984
Dirk Gideonse E&A Netherlands 1989
Dominik "Niki" Gührs E&A Germany 1990
Mike "Mad Mike" Hilgers E&A Germany 1986
Martijn "Marty" Hoogeveen E&A Netherlands 1989
Mike "Iron Mike" Ketellapper E&A Netherlands 1988
Rene "EnE" Konrad E&A Germany 1990
Stefan Lebwohl E&A Austria 1986
Tom Richter E&A Germany 1990
Vincent "Sansan" Sudrat E&A France 1990
Steffen Vollert E&A Germany 1987
Daniel "Daniel" Wehmann E&A Germany 1985
James "Young" Young E&A Great Britain 1989
Steph Caller E&A Great Britain 1985
Denise de Haan E&A Netherlands 1986
Pauline Dyrschka E&A Germany 1986
Ginger "Gini" Hilgers E&A Germany 1990
Marie Lehmann E&A France 1982
Kirsteen "Kirmit" Mitchell E&A Great Britain 1987
Maxine "Max" Sapulette E&A Netherlands 1991
Matthieu "mat" Chanal E&A France 1978
Rens "Coach" Cosijn E&A Netherlands 1976
Hermann "Emmi" Emmer E&A Austria 1976
Stefan "Stiff" Kraus E&A Germany 1977
Erik "Muenchi" Münchmeyer E&A Germany 1976
Wolfram "woffe" Wagner E&A Germany 1969

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.