2021-08-01 - Int. Event
INTL 2 STAR IWWF CWB Online Competition 2021, Online

There are 38 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*: Category Bib
Dale "Dale" Crossley E&A Great Britain 1983 Open Men
Haruto Endo AO Japan 2004 Open Men
Marko "Gaco" Gacic E&A Croatia 1998 Open Men
Nikolai "el-niko" Kaverin E&A Russia 1986 Open Men
Jonas "Jonas" Sørlie E&A Norway 2001 Open Men
Karen Bornhoft E&A Great Britain 1973 Open Ladies
Melanie "Tyson" Fraunschiel E&A Austria 1985 Open Ladies
Izzy Goode E&A Great Britain 2000 Open Ladies
Emely "Emmy" Jones E&A Germany 2005 Open Ladies
Jagoda Kaminska E&A Poland 2006 Open Ladies
Alessia Klingenbrunn E&A Germany 2007 Open Ladies
Julia Lupij E&A Poland 2005 Open Ladies
Leah Morgan E&A Great Britain 2005 Open Ladies
Julia Rick E&A Germany 1993 Open Ladies
Vanessa "Vanni" Weinhauer E&A Germany 1998 Open Ladies
Orla Winn E&A Great Britain 2006 Open Ladies
Mike Austin E&A Great Britain 1980 +40 (Veteran Men)
Paddy "Paddy" Bolton E&A Great Britain 1975 +40 (Veteran Men)
David "Big show" Broadway E&A Great Britain 1978 +40 (Veteran Men)
Adrian Clayton E&A Great Britain 1980 +40 (Veteran Men)
James "Jimbo" Collinson E&A Great Britain 1971 +40 (Veteran Men)
Marcin "N/A" Mackowski E&A Poland 1978 +40 (Veteran Men)
Valentin Hartmann E&A Germany 2007 U14 (Boys)
Lennart "Lenny" Kyek E&A Germany 2007 U14 (Boys)
Patryk Lojek E&A Poland 2007 U14 (Boys)
Kacper Mackowski E&A Poland 2008 U14 (Boys)
Luke Otten E&A Germany 2007 U14 (Boys)
Jan-Luca Schulz E&A Germany 2009 U14 (Boys)
Laura Anga E&A Estonia 2009 U14 (Girls)
Sophia Bettinson E&A Great Britain 2009 U14 (Girls)
Elisabeth Royneberg E&A Norway 2007 U14 (Girls)
Darcey-jane "DJ" Williams E&A Great Britain 2007 U14 (Girls)
Knut Gravdal E&A Norway 2005 U18 (Junior Men)
Lasse Harms E&A Germany 2005 U18 (Junior Men)
Ryan "Goat" Marston E&A Great Britain 2005 U18 (Junior Men)
Elias Poppe E&A Norway 2005 U18 (Junior Men)
Kieran Saunders E&A Great Britain 2003 U18 (Junior Men)
Rudy "Rusivo" Talboys E&A Great Britain 2004 U18 (Junior Men)

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.