2022-04-02 - Int. 4 Star Event - CWWC Tour
INTL 4 STAR Lakeside Paradise Coldwater Classic 2022, Lakeside Paradise Knokke Heist

There are 68 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*: Bib
Max "Avatar" Delhaas E&A Netherlands 2000
rolf "fluppen" devriese E&A Belgium 2000
louis "Loulou" eggerickx E&A Belgium 2005
Marko "Gaco" Gacic E&A Croatia 1998
Wouter Henneberke E&A Netherlands 1997
Carlo "." Hüsing E&A Germany 2002
Konni "@konnildff" Lehndorff E&A Germany 2000
Lucas "lulu" Menconi E&A France 1998
Max "Mad Max" Milde E&A Germany 2002
Jordy Neef E&A Belgium 1992
Axel "Pixel" Paget E&A France 2006
Nils Reiss E&A Germany 2000
Kieran Saunders E&A Great Britain 2003
Jonas "Jonas" Sørlie E&A Norway 2001
Axel Tack E&A Belgium 1989
Oliver "Olli" Ullrich E&A Germany 2003
Glenn "Berghe" Vandenberghe E&A Belgium 1992
Martyna Andrzejczak E&A Poland 2003
Pauline "Pauline" Appelmans E&A Belgium 2003
Emely "Emmy" Jones E&A Germany 2005
Julia Lupij E&A Poland 2005
Sanne "Sannie" Meijer E&A Netherlands 1997
Maxine "Max" Sapulette E&A Netherlands 1991
Vanessa "Iena" Tittarelli E&A Italy 2007
Pascal "Pinda" Arninkhof E&A Netherlands 1983
Maciek Bonder E&A Poland 1980
David "Big show" Broadway E&A Great Britain 1978
Ken "Ken_va" Van Accolyen E&A Belgium 1986
Haakon Aamodt E&A Norway 2005
Maximilian Bamler E&A Germany 2007
Cavan "Cav" Bull E&A Great Britain 2007
mathys "MAT" debontridder E&A Belgium 2006
Carl Maria "." Drechsler E&A Germany 2004
Lucas "elvir" Elvir E&A Norway 2006
Noah Ferson E&A Belgium 2005
Knut Gravdal E&A Norway 2005
Billy Hermans E&A Belgium 2005
Wiktor "Rudy" Kozarski E&A Poland 2006
Lennart "Lenny" Kyek E&A Germany 2007
Emiel Lauwers E&A Belgium 2008
Patryk Lojek E&A Poland 2007
Evan MRAIHI E&A France 2004
Luke Otten E&A Germany 2007
Elias Poppe E&A Norway 2005
Nils Ritzmann E&A Germany 2005
Callum Saunders E&A Great Britain 2006
Ben Siedek E&A Germany 2007
Jay-Denzel "Jacks" Sperfeldt E&A Germany 2007
Timian Storødegård E&A Norway 2008
Petter Sunde Bakken E&A Norway 2006
Ike "Ike" Vanleenhove E&A Belgium 2008
Jannis "Janni" Wirth E&A Germany 2008
Bregtje Glas E&A Netherlands 2009
Jagoda Kaminska E&A Poland 2006
Alessia Klingenbrunn E&A Germany 2007
Emily "Emy" Menges E&A Germany 2009
Nicole "Bubi" Regazzo E&A Italy 2006
Elisabeth Royneberg E&A Norway 2007
Lila SCHILLING E&A France 2005
Fleur "Surfchick010" Stolk E&A Netherlands 2006
Lowa "Croquette" Vancutsem E&A Belgium 2008

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.