2021-08-28 - Nat. 3 Star Event - National Championships
NAT 3 STAR German Nationals 2021, Online

There are 17 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*: Category Bib
Ben-Luca "Benstar" Müller E&A Germany 2011 U11 (Mini Boys)
Ida Suess E&A Germany 2011 U11 (Mini Girls)
Pepe Kienzler E&A Germany 2009 U15 (Boys)
Ben Siedek E&A Germany 2007 U15 (Boys)
Carlotta "Lotta" Süß E&A Germany 2009 U15 (Girls)
Joel Böswald E&A ? 2005 U19 (Junior Men)
Tim Dreher E&A Germany 2006 U19 (Junior Men)
Finn Orth E&A Germany 2005 U19 (Junior Men)
Laurenz "Laurenz" Ringeisen E&A Germany 2004 U19 (Junior Men)
Nils Ritzmann E&A Germany 2005 U19 (Junior Men)
Yannick "Yannick" Westermeier E&A Germany 2006 U19 (Junior Men)
Emma Kreft E&A Germany 2006 U19 (Junior Ladies)
Nicklas "@nicklas.dorfer" Dorfer E&A Germany 1999 Open Men
Philipp Koch E&A Germany 1999 Open Men
Marina Buchholz E&A Germany 2000 Open Ladies
Marc Johannes Bracke E&A Germany 1990 +30 (Masters Men)
Friederike "Friedi" Ratschow E&A Germany 1982 +30 (Masters Ladies)

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.