2019-05-25 - Int. Event
INTL 2 STAR Austrian Wakeboard Cup, Otztal Tirol

There are 28 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*: Category Bib
Niklas "Niki" Krenn E&A Austria 2005 U15 (Boys)
Leo "Leo" Stieber E&A Austria 2004 U15 (Boys)
Clemens Zdrahal E&A Austria 2004 U15 (Boys)
Elina "Eli" Basagic E&A Austria 2007 U15 (Girls)
Marie Hartmann E&A Austria 2006 U15 (Girls)
Lara Lehner E&A Austria 2005 U15 (Girls)
Ronja "Fizzybär" Zeilermayr E&A Austria 2005 U15 (Girls)
Lennie "Lennie" Kleeven E&A Austria 2001 U19 (Junior Men)
Konrad Krieger E&A Germany 2002 U19 (Junior Men)
Luca "Luca" Maurer E&A Austria 2002 U19 (Junior Men)
Nicki "Banger" Pranger E&A Austria 2002 U19 (Junior Men)
Loris "lor-eze" Pürstinger E&A Austria 2003 U19 (Junior Men)
Rico Schuhmacher E&A Germany 2003 U19 (Junior Men)
Florian "Flo" Hagenauer E&A Austria 1989 Open Men
Phillip "Phill" Hofer E&A Austria 2002 Open Men
Tom Nieland E&A Netherlands 1989 Open Men
Jonas Feofan "JT" Thurn E&A Germany 1992 Open Men
Chiara Dalmonek E&A Austria 2003 Open Ladies
Mariella "Mariella" Flemme E&A Austria 2004 Open Ladies
Avelina Freimut E&A Germany 2003 Open Ladies
Daniela "Dani" Zoller E&A Austria 1995 Open Ladies
Manuel "Manu" Dolzer E&A Austria 1982 +30 (Masters Men)
Josef "Josy" Kümmel E&A Germany 1984 +30 (Masters Men)
Michael "Dagatasch" Tasch E&A Austria 1983 +30 (Masters Men)
Gerhard Geissrigler E&A Austria 1970 +40 (Veteran Men)
Tom Hartmann E&A Austria 1974 +40 (Veteran Men)
Andreas Pertlwieser E&A Austria 1967 +40 (Veteran Men)
Christian Schmitt E&A Austria 1977 +40 (Veteran Men)

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.