2019-05-25 - Nat. 1 Star Event
NAT. 1 STAR Wakefest Singapore 2019, Singapore Wake Park

There are 52 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*: Category Bib
Ryder Griffin AO Australia 2012 U11 (Mini Boys)
Sebastian "Sebu" Saares E&A Finland 2008 U11 (Mini Boys)
Vlad "Vlad" Shershan AO Singapore 2009 U11 (Mini Boys)
Shu - Kei Yang AO Chinese Taipei 2008 U11 (Mini Boys)
Romy de Graaf AO New Zealand 2010 U11 (Mini Girls)
Lili de Graaf AO New Zealand 2011 U11 (Mini Girls)
Anastasia "Nastya" Syrova E&A Russia 2010 U11 (Mini Girls)
Nikita Aramovich E&A Russia 2004 U15 (Boys)
Jack "Jackfish" dunn PanAm Canada 2005 U15 (Boys)
Yu "Yeh-Yeh" Yang AO Chinese Taipei 2007 U15 (Boys)
zachary "zac" yeo AO Singapore 2004 U15 (Boys)
Sahil "Boulbi" Amarsy AO Singapore 2000 U19 (Junior Men)
Saeed Alqubaisi E&A United Arab Emirates 1998 Open Men
Cahyo "Cahyo" Andrian AO Indonesia 1995 Open Men
Sergei Astapov AO Singapore 1977 Open Men
Arnaud "Arno" berrier E&A France 1988 Open Men
Mike "Mike Cee" Cee AO Hong Kong 1994 Open Men
Vincent De Smet E&A Belgium 1983 Open Men
Kieran Desker AO Singapore 1999 Open Men
Thibault Eddie E&A France 1997 Open Men
Conrad EMERY AO Singapore 2006 Open Men
Callum Farquharson AO New Zealand 1989 Open Men
Rahmat Firdaus AO Singapore 1988 Open Men
Shon Foong AO Singapore 1980 Open Men
Leandro Gerhardinger AO Singapore 1981 Open Men
Chris Gillespie AO Singapore 1985 Open Men
Amirul Hanafi AO Singapore 1995 Open Men
Wei Kun Ng AO Singapore 1994 Open Men
Darren Ngo AO Singapore 1994 Open Men
Timothy Peter Tan AO Singapore 1994 Open Men
Wolf Posdorfer E&A Germany 1988 Open Men
Omeir Saeed Omeir E&A United Arab Emirates 1997 Open Men
Fariz "Riz" Samad AO Singapore 1995 Open Men
Justin Scholtens AO Singapore 1987 Open Men
Darryl "Peanut" See AO Singapore 1999 Open Men
Jay Sim AO Singapore 1993 Open Men
Jeremy Sinnah E&A France 2002 Open Men
Grant Steigerwald PanAm USA 2006 Open Men
Roman "Pussylover_69" Trubitsyn E&A Ukraine 1989 Open Men
Simon Verhoeven E&A Switzerland 1992 Open Men
Ralph gelo "Ralph" Villaro AO Philippines 2001 Open Men
Karen Goh AO Singapore 1988 Open Ladies
Charlene Kiew AO Singapore 1995 Open Ladies
Clare "Clanc" Lancaster E&A Great Britain 1984 Open Ladies
Sarah "Laney" Lane E&A Great Britain 1988 Open Ladies
Anges Loy AO Singapore 1991 Open Ladies
Xin Yan "Yan" Ngah AO Singapore 1999 Open Ladies
Jade Seah AO Singapore 1983 Open Ladies
Olena "Olina" Sukhina AO Singapore 1987 Open Ladies
Ekaterina Utkina E&A Russia 1997 Open Ladies
David Ngiam AO Singapore 1973 +30 (Masters Men)
David Emery AO Singapore 1962 +40 (Veteran Men)

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.