2019-08-30 - Int. 3 Star Event
INTL 3 STAR Golden Wake Tour 2019 - Stop 5/5 Youth & Senior, Bratislava

There are 33 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*: Bib
Kallum "Dizzy Kallum" Anderson-Wilson E&A Great Britain 2004
Filip "fifo" Benedikt E&A Slovak Republic 2006
Noah Ferson E&A Belgium 2005
Alex "Alexko" Koricina E&A Slovak Republic 2005
Niklas "Niki" Krenn E&A Austria 2005
Adam "Barbar" Lejsek E&A Czech Republic 2006
Adam Lojik E&A Czech Republic 2006
Robert "Bobby" Mruskovic E&A Slovak Republic 2005
Peter "Peti" Popelka E&A Hungary 2004
Tobias "TOBA" Sikora E&A Czech Republic 2004
Daniel Tymcyna E&A Hungary 2004
Mariella "Mariella" Flemme E&A Austria 2004
Emma "Kybel" Hackova E&A Slovak Republic 2005
Jana "kremílek" Krcmova E&A Czech Republic 2004
Eve "Evo" Smith-Lang E&A Great Britain 2005
Krystof "/" Huta E&A Czech Republic 2003
Martin Saxa E&A Slovak Republic 2003
Václav Toman E&A Czech Republic 2003
Krystof "kry�tof" Wlosok E&A Czech Republic 2001
Klára Hanzelínová E&A Czech Republic 2001
Liliana "Lili" Popelka E&A Hungary 2003
Jiri "Boudic" Bouda E&A Czech Republic 1984
Markus "marek" Diering E&A Germany 1984
Miroslav "pifpafdedy" Hribik E&A Slovak Republic 1983
Adam "Towdie" Malik E&A Slovak Republic 1987
Justyna Adamczyk E&A Poland 1975
Rolando "Rolla" Fociani E&A Italy 1974
Chris "LoLo" Lorenz E&A Austria 1977
Marcin "N/A" Mackowski E&A Poland 1978
Andreas Musill E&A Austria 1978
Juraj "youro" Vrzgula E&A Slovak Republic 1975

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.