2018-06-24 - Int. Event
INTL 3 STAR IWWF Golden Wake Tour 2018 - Stop 2/5, Gyor

There are 43 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*: Category Bib
Valentina Bugalova E&A Czech Republic 2006 U15 (Girls)
Mariella "Mariella" Flemme E&A Austria 2004 U15 (Girls)
Jagoda "Jadzka" Kaminska E&A Poland 2006 U15 (Girls)
Jana "kremílek" Krcmova E&A Czech Republic 2004 U15 (Girls)
Julia Lupij E&A Poland 2005 U15 (Girls)
Luca Mezovari E&A Hungary 2004 U15 (Girls)
Liliana "Lili" Popelka E&A Hungary 2003 U15 (Girls)
Karolina Radziejewska E&A Poland 2005 U15 (Girls)
Maja Smietana E&A Poland 2003 U15 (Girls)
Jan "/" Barton E&A Czech Republic 2002 Open Men
Jan Gazi E&A Czech Republic 2002 Open Men
Kristof "Krisi" Gyorok E&A Hungary 2004 Open Men
Patrick "Patrick Hanes" Hanes E&A Czech Republic 2001 Open Men
Radovan "Radis" Hradil E&A Slovak Republic 1998 Open Men
Marek Kriz E&A Slovak Republic 1993 Open Men
Adam "Towdie" Malik E&A Slovak Republic 1987 Open Men
Max "Mad Max" Milde E&A Germany 2002 Open Men
Levente Nagy E&A Hungary 1998 Open Men
Leroy "Leroy" Ney E&A Germany 1993 Open Men
Martin Onco E&A Slovak Republic 1988 Open Men
Oliver "Oli" Orban E&A Hungary 2001 Open Men
Tomas Santrucek E&A Czech Republic 1997 Open Men
Balázs Schmidt E&A Hungary 2001 Open Men
Lior "Sofer" Sofer E&A Israel 1985 Open Men
Jasper "-" van Suchtelen van de Haare E&A Netherlands 2000 Open Men
Oliver Zwiauer E&A Austria 1997 Open Men
Frauke Biederbeck E&A Germany 1978 Open Ladies
Ioana Goncea E&A Romania 1985 Open Ladies
Marie Grüneberg E&A Germany 2001 Open Ladies
Zuzana "Hruska" Hruskova E&A Slovak Republic 1987 Open Ladies
Klaudia "klau" Nagy E&A Hungary 1998 Open Ladies
Aleksandra "ola" Tomkowicz E&A Poland 1972 Open Ladies
BillyVab BillyVab E&A Estonia 1984 +30 (Masters Men)
Matej "Mates" Blahovec E&A Czech Republic 1984 +30 (Masters Men)
Manuel "Manu" Dolzer E&A Austria 1982 +30 (Masters Men)
Miroslav "pifpafdedy" Hribik E&A Slovak Republic 1983 +30 (Masters Men)
Jamesdug Jamesdug PanAm Brasil 1976 +30 (Masters Men)
Marcin Mackowski E&A Poland 1978 +30 (Masters Men)
Ivan "Ivuso aka Modlivka" Pospisil E&A Slovak Republic 1980 +30 (Masters Men)
Grzegorz "Boho" Bohosiewicz E&A Poland 1973 +40 (Veteran Men)
Jan Gazi E&A Czech Republic 1973 +40 (Veteran Men)
Gerhard Geissrigler E&A Austria 1970 +40 (Veteran Men)
Krzysztof Lason E&A Poland 1961 +40 (Veteran Men)

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.