2018-04-21 - Int. Event
INTL 2 STAR Phuket Open 2018, Phuket Wake Park

There are 35 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*: Category Bib
Jyo Condon AO Thailand 2008 U15 (Boys)
Michael "Tayson" Doladov E&A Russia 2006 U15 (Boys)
Titan Hayes AO Thailand 2004 U15 (Boys)
Benjamin Phechyuenyong AO Thailand 2005 U15 (Boys)
Keanu van Cauwenbergh AO Thailand 2004 U15 (Boys)
Ryan VanDerSluijs AO Thailand 2005 U15 (Boys)
Veronika Dneprovskaia E&A Russia 2010 U15 (Girls)
Patcharaporn "lilploy" Junnguluam AO Thailand 2004 U15 (Girls)
Rewat Chooyong AO Thailand 2001 U19 (Junior Men)
Marco Crnila AO Thailand 2000 U19 (Junior Men)
khajohn "Khajohn" Goossens AO Thailand 2000 U19 (Junior Men)
Ratthammanun Keawsakun AO Thailand 2000 U19 (Junior Men)
Zakhar "zaxar" Komarov E&A Russia 2002 U19 (Junior Men)
Victor Park AO Republic of Korea 2004 U19 (Junior Men)
Dewit Prasong AO Thailand 2001 U19 (Junior Men)
Boris "boruysic" Ryazantsev E&A Russia 2003 U19 (Junior Men)
Helik "Helik" SHRESTHA E&A Switzerland 2004 U19 (Junior Men)
Daniil "CrazZzyDany" Shurov E&A Russia 2002 U19 (Junior Men)
Alexandr "Alex" Bosler E&A Russia 1995 Open Men
Sho "Akito" Ikeda AO Japan 1994 Open Men
Sanya "Liw" Phonthip AO Thailand 1993 Open Men
victor salmon AO Thailand 2000 Open Men
Lev "Leff" Solenov E&A Russia 1991 Open Men
Nikolai Volokhov E&A Russia 2001 Open Men
Annissa "Anni" Flynn AO Thailand 1998 Open Ladies
Marina Kacheeva E&A Russia 2004 Open Ladies
Reina "ReInA" Kurata AO Japan 1996 Open Ladies
Mari-Liis "Mann" Siimon E&A Estonia 1995 Open Ladies
Victoria "Weekoos" Sosulina E&A Russia 1985 Open Ladies
Dmitriy "dfitiskin" Fitiskin E&A Russia 1983 +30 (Masters Men)
Philipp Gavrilov E&A Russia 1986 +30 (Masters Men)
Alexey "Lya" Nadion E&A Ukraine 1987 +30 (Masters Men)
takashi ogasawara AO Japan 1982 +30 (Masters Men)
Sergey Ryazantsev E&A Russia 1966 +30 (Masters Men)
Kirill Vinogradov AO Russia 1979 +30 (Masters Men)

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.