2017-11-10 - Int. 5 Star Event - Confederation Championships
INTL 5 STAR IWWF Asia and Oceania Confederation Championships 2017, Lotus Wake Park, Kaohsiung

There are 12 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
Khalid Alawadhi AO Kuwait 1989
Carlo "C-lo" Dela Torre AO Philippines 1979
WUN-JHONG LI AO Chinese Taipei 1997
Jui Pin "XiaoBin" Lin AO Chinese Taipei 2002
Takoda "Taka" Mundy AO Australia 2002
Mikayo Mundy AO Australia 2003
Katuya Sagesaka AO Japan 1973
Mishka "Mishka" Bowman AO Chinese Taipei 2006
Chiao-i "Chelsea" Cheng AO Chinese Taipei 1995
Moe Sagesaka AO Japan 2000
Hsien-Jung "moon" Yeh AO Chinese Taipei 1990

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.