2017-11-10 - Int. 5 Star Event - Confederation Championships
INTL 5 STAR IWWF Asia and Oceania Confederation Championships 2017, Lotus Wake Park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

There are 39 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
clarence Batchelor AO Singapore 2003
Max "max" Chang AO Chinese Taipei 2003
Yi Yang Chou AO Chinese Taipei 2003
Jui Pin "XiaoBin" Lin AO Chinese Taipei 2002
Mikayo, Jade "K.O" Mundy AO Australia 2003
Takoda, Jade "Taka" Mundy AO Australia 2002
muhammad rafly tarmadi AO Indonesia 2005
Shu - Kei Yang AO Chinese Taipei 2008
Kanaya Anindita AO Indonesia 2002
Mishka , Lea "Mishka" Bowman AO Chinese Taipei 2006
Akela, Mae Bowman AO Chinese Taipei 2004
niki "niki" sabeti AO Iran 2002
Chen Yun Yen AO Chinese Taipei 2003
Yi Hao Chou AO Chinese Taipei 2001
Haruki "Haruki" Komatsu AO Japan 2001
MIN-HUA TSAI AO Chinese Taipei 1999
Yen Chi Cheng AO Chinese Taipei 2005
Zain AlNaqib AO Kuwait 1991
Min Chin Chen AO Chinese Taipei 1996
Tobias "Tobi" Diesner E&A Austria 1997
Keyvann Ebadnezhad AO Iran 1984
Koki Toyoshima AO Japan 1995
Reina "ReInA" Kurata AO Japan 1996
Jasmine Shamdas AO Hong Kong 1990
Pei-Shan "Shannon" Teng AO Chinese Taipei 1987
Kimia Vaezi AO Iran 1991
Hsien Ying "sunny" Yeh AO Chinese Taipei 1988
Wan Ka "Wan Ka choi" Choi AO Hong Kong 1983
Hamid reza Salim AO Iran 1978
Cheng Wan Shen AO Chinese Taipei 1982
Elnaz Gohari moghadam AO Iran 1986
Reyhaneh Taghdisijani AO Iran 1979

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.