2017-10-02 - Non Ranked Competition
INVITATIONAL Cable Wakeboard World Cup 2017, Shanghai

There are 27 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
Diego Barragan PanAm Colombia 1990
Ariano "Ari" Blanik E&A Germany 1996
Matias "Mati" Bruland PanAm Argentina 1989
Rocco "DJ Roxy Boi" Burbidge E&A Great Britain 1996
Matthew "max" Christian AO Singapore 1990
Sam de Haan E&A Netherlands 1996
Riccardo "riki" de Tollis E&A Italy 2000
Guy "Guy" Firer E&A Israel 1997
San "San" Im AO Republic of Korea 1997
Jacques "jay" Labuschagne E&A South Africa 1998
Julian "Jules" SHAMDAS AO Hong Kong 1985
Lior "Sofer" Sofer E&A Israel 1985
Samuel Sebastian "Triple S" Szabo E&A Slovak Republic 1997
Miles "Milow" Töller E&A Germany 1994
Philipp "Phil" Turba E&A Austria 1993
Scotty "scotty" Wilkings AO Australia 1992
Ben "Ben" Zilberman E&A Israel 1999
Veronika "Veja" Holubova E&A Czech Republic 1984
Zuzana "Hruska" Hruskova E&A Slovak Republic 1987
Sanne "Sannie" Meijer E&A Netherlands 1997
Sofia "Sofi" Monroy PanAm Mexico 2002
Claudia "Cla" Pagnini E&A Italy 2001
Julia "-" Rick E&A Germany 1993
andrea "dre" tanjangco AO Philippines 1983
Vanessa "Vanni" Weinhauer E&A Germany 1998

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.