2017-05-27 - Int. 4 Star Event - CWWC Tour
INTL 4 STAR Lakeside Dutch Fusion, Lakeside Zwolle

There are 19 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
Selva Ponsteen E&A Netherlands 2003
rick "Rickkert" van der werf E&A Netherlands 1999
Luca De togni E&A Italy 1980
Joran. domingo E&A France 1996
clement "Papey" papeil E&A France 1985
Tim Schulte E&A Germany 1996
Daniel "Daan" Smits E&A Netherlands 2001
Jeffry Wesselingh E&A Netherlands 1997
Elisa "cocò" Costanzo E&A Italy 1982
Joyce "Moose" Donker E&A Netherlands 1990
Jonna Golks E&A Germany 2000
Gerard Helene AO France 1992
Sanne "Sannie" Meijer E&A Netherlands 1997
Melissa Melissa Peperkamp E&A Netherlands 2004
Naomi "Jo" Pijpers E&A Netherlands 2002
Maxine, Charlyn "Max" Sapulette E&A Netherlands 1991
Arne "arnus" van den Brink E&A Netherlands 1986

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.