2017-10-14 - Int. Event
INTL 2 STAR The Spin Cup 2017, The Spin

There are 29 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
charlie bodart E&A Belgium 2005
Louison Chasseur E&A Belgium 2004
mathys "MAT" debontridder E&A Belgium 2006
Louis Debontridder E&A Belgium 2004
sasha "sasha" delpierre E&A Belgium 2005
Nathan Heymans E&A Belgium 2005
Max "Mad Max" Milde E&A Germany 2002
Damien "Damien" Oosting E&A Netherlands 2003
Oliver "O11i" Ullrich E&A Germany 2003
pierson aymeric E&A Belgium 1999
Adyen "Dyen" de Souza E&A Netherlands 2000
Max Delhaas E&A Netherlands 2000
claessens axel E&A Belgium 1995
Simon "Sim" Brenard E&A Belgium 1997
Thibault "The Faisan" Cenci E&A Belgium 1997
Wim Kooij E&A Belgium 1991
Kitty Francx E&A Belgium 1990
Frédérique "Fred" Kraster E&A Netherlands 2000
Iris Laurijssen E&A Belgium 1999
Naomi "Jo" Pijpers E&A Netherlands 2002
Eloïse Van Houten E&A Belgium 2005
michael panduccio E&A Belgium 1977
Ken Van Accolyen E&A Belgium 1986
Jeremy "Jim" venet E&A Belgium 1979
Luc Richard E&A Belgium 1964
Cedric Vandermot E&A Belgium 1976
Christian "papi" Zwartjes E&A Belgium 1969

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.