2017-08-25 - Int. Event
INTL 3 STAR Czech Open Championships - Golden Wake Tour 3/4, Pasohlavky

There are 13 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
Lukas Fajkus E&A Czech Republic 1980
Patrick "Patrick Hanes" Hanes E&A Czech Republic 2001
Julius "Dusi" Lang E&A Slovak Republic 1997
Lukas Maly E&A Czech Republic 1981
Dominik Matýsek E&A Czech Republic 1994
Oliver Poreba E&A Slovak Republic 2001
Branislav "branosorok" Soroka E&A Slovak Republic 1991
Matej "Mates" Stepanek E&A Czech Republic 1988
Lucia Bosakova E&A Slovak Republic 1983
Sabina Holubová E&A Czech Republic 1994
Lea Koskova E&A Slovak Republic 1998
Veronika "Minimazel" Maly E&A Czech Republic 1986

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.