2017-06-17 - Int. Event
INTL 3 STAR International Event Seven Twenty Cable Park, Sevenum

There are 47 rider who joined this competition.

Name: Region: Country: Born in: Approved*:
Kallum Anderson-Wilson E&A Great Britain 2004
Ed Craenen E&A Netherlands 2002
Carl Maria Drechsler E&A Germany 2004
Carlo Hüsing E&A Germany 2002
Daan Manusiwa E&A Netherlands 2003
Max "Mad Max" Milde E&A Germany 2002
Damien Oosting E&A Netherlands 2003
Igor "szynka" Szymanski E&A Poland 2004
Oliver Ullrich E&A Germany 2003
tijn, tijntje "tijntje" voermans E&A Netherlands 2002
Max Wijnhoven E&A Netherlands 2002
Jack Willemsen E&A Netherlands 2004
Bartosz Zawadzki E&A Poland 2005
Romy Cremers E&A Netherlands 2003
Agnieszka Kado E&A Poland 2005
Jagoda Kaminska E&A Poland 2006
Julia Lupij E&A Poland 2005
Melissa Peperkamp E&A Netherlands 2004
Sven "Fantomas" Bernas E&A Czech Republic 2000
Tom Bolles E&A Germany 2001
Adyen "Dyen" de Souza E&A Netherlands 2000
Max Delhaas E&A Netherlands 2000
Louca "Loekie" Jansen E&A Netherlands 2001
Philipp Koch E&A Germany 1999
Age Methorst E&A Netherlands 1999
Tygo "Staartmans" Moed E&A Netherlands 1999
Timo Sell E&A Germany 2001
Oliver "Oli" Van Nueten E&A Belgium 1998
Frédérique "Fred" Kraster E&A Netherlands 2000
Saskia Nap E&A Netherlands 2000
Naomi, Myrthe "Jo" Pijpers E&A Netherlands 2002
Lina Stoll E&A Germany 1999
Naomi "naomi" Wetzels E&A Germany 2001
alyssa, charita wildeboer E&A Netherlands 2000
Pascal "-" Arninkhof E&A Netherlands 1983
Tom "Tmbrndt" Brandt E&A Germany 1997
Bastian "basti" Brüggemann E&A Germany 1994
Niek "Niekko" Kortenbach E&A Netherlands 1984
Leroy "Leroy" Ney E&A Germany 1993
Ruben, +PLUSSER+ van Amerongen E&A Netherlands 1997
Julia, - "-" Rick E&A Germany 1993
Maxine, Charlyn "Max" Sapulette E&A Netherlands 1991
Alicia Stalf E&A Germany 1997

*Approved: Riders are approved once the competition organiser has validated entry and payment. Please check the bulletin for additional requirements.